Bed and Ornamental Care in Joplin
About Seasonal Bed and Ornamental Treatments from GreenScape

Treatments performed by GreenScape Fertilization & Pest Control are the best in the industry. We start by helping you pick a plan that is perfect for your lawn. We then select the best services, and apply them using the most family friendly methods. We complete the process by providing an effectiveness guarantee. This all adds up to the prettiest beds, and ornamentals on the block!

Standard Bed and Ornamental Treatment Plan

This plan is perfect for most customers. The year round treatments keep your beds green and healthy. with as few weeds as possible.

  • Mar-Apr: Spring Pre-emergant w/ fertilizer
  • May: Herbicide Treatment
  • July: Insecticide Treatment
  • July-Aug: Herbicide Treatment

Other bed services.

We can provide many bed fertilization and pest control services. The number one add on / one time service is bag worm erradication in bedding trees and evergreens.

As a landscape management company, we could provide almost any bed service, via our extensive network of quality lawn care providers.
from hedge trimming to re-mulching, or even bed construction, and renovation.

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