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GreenScape Features

Payment Options

GreenScape offers Monthly, Yearly, and Per treatment payment options to meet your budget requirements. We even offer a discount for pre-payment!

Customer Convinience

GreenScape has many features designed to make your lawn care experience as convinient as possible, including:

  • Lawn posting signs, left after every treament
  • We have an easy to remember phone number: 623-GROW
  • Treatment notification letters left after every treatment with helpful advice on how to care for your lawn.
  • Email services including email pre-notification, and invoicing.
  • An open ended contract, which can be cancelled at any time, without reason.
  • Services renew automaticly every year, so you don't have to worry about next season.
  • We have just added new, easier to read invoices, and paperwork.


All of our treatment programs have been revamped for 2007. We have an ever changing climate in the midwest, and the sommer of 06 did a lot of damage to lawns. In '07 We're planning on another hot, dry summer. Rest assured that GreenScape will always change with the weather.

under construction.

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