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About Lawn Building Services from GreenScape

No matter what your seeding needs are, GreenScape has the solution! GreenScape specializes in lawn building, and rebuilding. We also offer maintenance such as dethatching and aeration. Please see our Gallery for before and after photos


This is the ideal seeding solution for a lawn without current growth. For hydro-mulching to be effective, it can not be put down over existing turf. Hydro-mulch is a single application that includes seed, water, mulch, and fertilizer. Hydro-mulching is very effective, however we can provide 'premium seeding' for less money, and typically does just as good, if not better.

Other Lawn Building Services

Dethatching: A device similar to a rake is pushed over your turf to remove some of the thatch which can keep new growth from starting.

Aeration: As steel tines penetrate the soil, areas around and between the holes are softened, creating more openings for root growth and absorption of water, air, nutrients and chemicals. Our Aera-Vator also provides a light dethatching.

By Request: If there's anything that needs to be done to your lawn, please feel free to ask us! If we can't do the job, we're sure to be able to refer you to someone who can!

Premium Seeding

This method is our favorite. We use a power seeding machine which will slightly break up the soil beneath your existing turf, and then drop seed into the freshly prepared ground. We then broadcast additional seed over the entire area, followed by an appropriate fertilizer. You can expect significant results with this service.
Please see our gallery for examples.

Lawn Rebuilding

It is most economically feasible to rebuild your lawn in some situations. With this procedure, GreenScape will treat the entire area which is to be redone with a chemical similar to Roundup. After all of the existing growth is dead, GreenScape can then reseed the area. Soon after you will have a completely new weed-free lawn!

We can also provide dirt work, and recontouring services with this.


If you're on a schedule, or if you're looking for the best looking lawn available, Sod is the answer. Sod typically requires ground with little or no pre-existing growth. Sod comes as rolls of pre-grown grass, complete with 2 inches of dirt. It is laid like carpet, We overseed it with a matching seed, and then fertilize. Just add water for a beautiful lawn!

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