Commerical Residential lawn care
About GreenScape's Other Services

Some of the services that GreenScape offers don't fall into the categories of fertilization, or pest control. These are some of the more specialized services that GreenScape performs.

Special Event Preparation

Whether you have 6 months, or 6 days, GreenScape can make your outdoor special events better. One such treatment will take your lawn from a pale yellow-green to a lush dark green in as little as 48 hours! Perfect for open houses, weddings, and other important outdoor events!

Plant Growth Regulation

Do you have an area that is a pain to mow? A hill too steep for your mower? or perhaps a rental property where you don't have a mower on site? Well new products can be applied which will cut the number of times that you need to mow in half, and maybe more, all without affecting the appearance of the lawn.
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Broad Spectrum Growth Control Programs (Round Up application)

This service is for customers who have area around, or on their lawn which they would like to have free of any growth. This service differs from ground sterilization because it can be performed in a much wider variety of areas, such as drainage ditches, and around trees. GreenScape can perform these treatments at any interval needed. Chemical mowing is also available for vacant lots.

Ground Sterilization

GreenScape can keep all vegetation from growing where needed for up to a year in a single application! This service is commonly used on gravel driveways, parking lots, and other places where growth is never welcome.

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