Kill Weeds in Joplin
About Pest and Disease Treatment Services from GreenScape .

A pest is defined as any plant, animal, or insect which is harmful to your lawn, or otherwise unwanted. GreenScape hand selects the correct treatment for the pest. We then responsibly apply the treatment. As always, all treatments come with an effectiveness guarantee.

Perimeter Pest Control

We have a seasonal program where we spray a wide band of family safe insecticide all the way around the house including garage doors, and entry ways. We perform this treatment twice a year; In late spring, and in late summer. This treatment is primarely to control ants, but will also keep spiders, and other undesireable insects from infultrating your home.

This service is very affordable and effective. Please contact us to sign up.

Yes, We do One Time Treatments. No Problem!

Don't hesitate to call GreenScape for any of your treatment requirements. Whether you're looking for a one time fertilizer treatment, or a short term weed control plan, we can do it!

Pest Treatments

We can treat or trap nearly any pest. Here's just a few out of hundreds:

  • Yellow Nut Sedge
  • Johnson Grass
  • Clover
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Ants
  • Moles
  • Grubs
And many, many more.  

Disease Treatments

Diseases are just as numerous as more conventional pests. Here are a few examples of what we can treat for:

  • Leaf Spot
  • Fairy Rings
  • Brown Spot
  • Fungus
  • Fire Blight Disease
And many more

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