How to fertilize and kill weeds in Joplin
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GreenScape Works with Turf Professionals.

GreenScape has a reputation for working with our peers in the lawn care industry. Despite constant requests to do so, we don't mow, and the only landscaping we do involves lawn installation. We keep our services focused with the sole intent of not competing with our peers in the green industry. This non-compete policy ensures that we can work together, sharing knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results for the customer.

We currently enjoy wonderful, and mutually profitable business relationships with many lawn care professionals, and we can provide references if interested.

Why GreenScape?

By law, you have to be state licensed to apply pesticides. GreenScape is fully licensed, and insured. I would be interested in helping you out with your customers. I will give you competitive pricing on treatments, which you can pass on to the customer, or work your own profit margin into. I will refer my customers to you when they need services that you provide.

Don't get in trouble with the law. Unless you're licensed, you can not legally apply anything but fertilizer to your lawns, and these fertilizers can not contain any pesticides (weed preventers) at all. As a rule of thumb, ANYTHING with an EPA reg number is illegal to the unlicensed professional. Please read all about the requirements of a certified professional HERE. Note that the fines start at $1000.00 and go up, and they're calculated per offense. one lawn = one offense. I have repeatedly met with inspectors actively patrolling, and writing tickets in joplin.

Add to your profits with GreenScape.

Having GreenScape take care of your lawn treatment needs can save you thousands of dollars per year in insurance, licensing, and training fees. Not to mention the special application tools! GreenScape has over $30,000 invested in application equipment alone. Then there is training. It is very time consuming, and can be expensive. Sub-Contract to us, and enjoy the profits, without the expenses of becoming a certified application professional.

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