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Aeration F.A.Q.   

Q. Is Aeration really necessary?

A.  Yes.  The best lawns aerate every year.  Once every other year should be the minimum.  Having aeration done greatly increases the fertilizer, air, & water uptake.  During stressful times, it often is the difference between a healthy lawn, and a dead one.

Q.  What makes GreenScape’s aeration services different / better?

A.. We don’t perform traditional aeration, we aera-vate.  It’s a different machine which vibrates the soil as it is penetrated.  It does not damage the grass and does a 400% better job of breaking up the soil in the root zone.  It is also much safer for sprinkler systems.  Our competition leaves ugly soil cores all over your lawn; Our Aera-vation does not. 

Q. I was thinking about seeding myself, how can aeration help?

A. University studies show that seed simply broadcast on top of a lawn has a germination rate of around 30%.  That’s throwing 70% of your money away!  Our Aeration service will integrate your seed into the soil giving you ideal conditions seed germination

Q. What liabilities / guarantees are involved with Aeration?

A. We are not responsible for cables, pipes and other services ran underground which are not buried at a depth greater than 5 inches.  Sprinkler heads will be avoided, and replaced if damaged.  Aeration is guaranteed against errors in workmanship.  If our aera-vator can’t fit in your fenced back lawn, we will provide standard core aeration in that area. 

Seeding  F.A.Q. 

Q. How do I know if I need new seed?

A. Grass almost always gets cut before it is able to form viable seed.  This means that the only way to get new seed is to plant it.  If you’re unhappy with the density of your turf, then you need to seed.   The best lawns seed every fall, and it always makes a difference.

Q.  What makes GreenScape’s seeding services different / better?

A. Our choice of grass seed is unique, and is the best available anywhere. We use twice as much seed as our competition.  Aeration is included.  Bare area’s get four times the seed, and triple aeration.  Fertilization is included. Our seeded lawns are better than sod.

Q. I have a large patch of Bermuda in my Fescue lawn.

A.  Lets kill the Bermuda, and reseed.  Inquire as soon as possible. Timing is important. 

Q.  I don’t want seed, or I may seed myself.  Any recommendations?

A.  Yes.  Please allow us to aerate your lawn.  Aeration is VERY important, and should be done every year.  Please see the aeration page for more info.  Aeration will also integrate your seed into the dirt, which will increase germination by more than 200%.

Q. Why include Aeration with the seeding service?

A. We don’t pull dirt plugs like other companies.  Our aera-vator will till bare areas into a great seed bed, and areas with turf will also have much better seed to soil contact ratio than with a conventional slit seeder or core aerator.  The aera-vator may not fit in your fenced area.  If that is the case, we will provide double standard aeration in that area. 

Q. Isn’t it best to seed in the spring?

A. No.  Spring seed has insufficient time to store nutrients, and dies in the summer. Spring seeding also causes weeds to thrive all season.  Fall seed will continue to grow thru fall, winter AND spring.  You’ll see MUCH better results.  Guaranteed.

Q. I can’t afford it.

A. We will finance your seeding for up to 12 months, 0% interest.  Please call for details.

Q. Is your seeding guaranteed?

A. Yes.  If you have followed the care directions left for you, we will re-seed spots that need it.  For more information, please see the Aeration f.a.q. on the back of the next page

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